Web Goes On Strike, Jan 18th 2012!

Join the Internet blackout to stop SOPA & PIPA and petition Twitter and other sites to join us! link

I will be online raising awareness on 18th from 8 am to 8 pm EST in protest and solidarity and am also planning on changing  as many of my profiles pics to blank, default, or black and linking to Reddit where they will be posting information and links explaining what we’re doing and why. You can read their article on the subject here.

If you feel as strongly about stopping PIPA and SOPA as I do I urge you to call your local representative at the very least, as I have, and though not everyone has the luxury of being able to not check their email or shut down their site, every little bit helps.

“Internet censorship is going to a vote in the Senate on January 24th (known as PIPA in the Senate and SOPA in the House). While Senators are in their home states for the January recess, we need to flood their public meetings and offices with our concerns about the bill.” – AmericanCensorship.org

While the President and the White House haev released a statement vaguely stated that they’re against the bill, it still has a lot of support and some form of this bill might make its way through if we aren’t clear about how fast these organizations and politicians will lose our support and patronage if they don’t stop pushing it now.


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